Technical details

If you have any technical questions or issues please check out the Known Issues and search the forum – you may find an answer straight away. If your topic is not covered you can start a discussion here; please include the following information:

  • Whether your question is about Goalscape Desktop or Goalscape Online (or both)

  • Your Operating System and version - eg 'Windows 10'

  • For download and installation issues (or anything to do with Goalscape Online):

    • Your browser and version (we recommend Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome)
    • How you connect to the Internet (direct Ethernet/WiFi or via a LAN)
  • If you see an error message please provide details – and if there is a 'Show details' button please click it and C&P the text with your message

  • For Goalscape Desktop issues you can also send us the log files – zip/compress the 'logging' directory/folder and send it to us. The location of the logging folder depends on your OS and version:

    In Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10:

    C:/Users/[user_ID]/AppData/Roaming/[guid]/Local Store/logging

    In Windows XP:

    C:/Documents and Settings/Users/[user__ID]/Application Data/Adobe/AIR/Local Store/[guid]/logging


    C:/Documents and Settings/Users/[user_ID]/Application Data/[guid]/Local Store/logging

    In Mac OS X (any version):

    [user_home]/Library/Application Support/[guid]/Local Store/logging

  • Screenshots are always useful.

All the best!

Goalscape Support