Known Issues: Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Connect

This page shows the issues that we know about and consider important. It comprises bugs, anomalies and descriptions of imminent enhancements: rest assured we are working hard to address them all.

If you have a question or problem that is not covered in the online help package or mentioned here, please start a new discussion on the Customer Forum. We will need details of the machine you are using, your Operating System (and version) and your browser (and version). If you are seeing any Error messages please describe them and if there is a 'Details' button please click it and C&P the full text into your message. Screenshots are also very useful.

Purchased Unlimited subscription but Goalscape Online still shows "Goalscape Free"
Fix: sign out of Goalscape Online and sign back in again. Goalscape Online sessions are persistent across browser use and computer restarts; and user account status information is only updated at the start of each session.

Goalscape Online and Goalscape Enterprise issues
Most issues, including apparent freezes, are due to connection issues or the browser having problems with Adobe Flash Player. Simply refreshing the page may work; if that does not work, please close and restart the browser, check that you have the latest Adobe Flash Player and try again.

For persistent problems on sign-in or in use, please email, providing: your Operating System (and version); your browser (and version); and how you connect to the Internet (direct Ethernet/WiFi or via a LAN). If you connect via a LAN we will need to know details of any firewall or AV software being used.

Problems downloading, installing or activating Goalscape Desktop
Goalscape Desktop is double-certificated, so all fresh installations, reinstallations and autoupdates should work fine. Problems installing the software are likely to be due to an issue with the local Adobe AIR environment, so the first thing to try is to download the latest Adobe AIR.

If that does not work you will need to uninstall and reinstall Goalscape Desktop and Adobe AIR:

  1. Uninstall Goalscape Desktop. This will not affect any of your existing desktop (.gsp files), stored in your Documents area.

  2. Uninstall Adobe AIR (on a Mac, rather than simply dragging its icon to Trash, run the special 'Adobe AIR Uninstaller' application – this is usually in Applications > Utilities).

  3. Restart your machine.

  4. Go to How to Install Goalscape Desktop and follow the steps to install the latest version of AIR, then download and run the GoalscapeDesktop.air installer file (if you Save the installer file you may need to enforce the '.air' suffix when you save this file, since some environments try to change it to '.zip'!).

  5. Double-click the installer file to run it and follow the instructions.

If this does not work please try resetting your Registry between steps 2 and 3 above. The instructions for doing this are here. When you do this you will need to reactivate the fresh installation.

If problems persist, please post a new Discussion with a full description of the problem, along with all the 'required information' listed at the foot of this page.

We are working on a captive runtime version of Goalscape Desktop that will make the application independent of the local AIR environment – watch out for announcements.

Change password
To change your password, sign in to Goalscape Online, click the 'cog' button at top right of the screen to open the Settings window, then click the 'Change password' button.

Lost password
If you have lost your password you can reset it by entering your registered email address here (that link is also on the Goalscape Desktop welcome screen and the Goalscape Online sign-in screen).

Activations under a new Goalscape Desktop license (purchased after November 29 2015)
If you see a message "Your Goalscape subscription could not be validated. You have to re-activate your Goalscape Desktop", it means you have already activated Goalscape Desktop on a different computer. If you reactivate it, your previous installation will be deactivated.

Goalscape Connect on iPad
You can access the web application Goalscape Connect on an iPad if you install the free Puffin browser – unlike the standard iOS Safari, Puffin supports Flash applications (of which Goalscape Connect is one).

Foreign language character sets
Some Cyrillic, Polish, Japanese and Korean characters may not appear correctly in some exported PDF and DOCX reports. We are working on a fix for this.

Import/Upload of XML NOT from MS Project
Users of other Project Management tools such as Omniplan may find that Import/Upload of XML files generated by those other tools does not work properly. We are working on a fix for this.

Right-click context menu
The Goalscape right-click context menu applies changes to the goal that you right-click (which need not be the one currently selected). Please note that the last 3 items in the context menu ('Print...', 'Settings...', 'Global Settings...') are for Flash settings, not Goalscape options. (These are also the only ones you will see if you right-click anywhere on the screen except for on a goal in the goal map, or on selected text in the Notes or Comment fields.)

Goalscape Desktop: problems opening files copied using OS file handler
If you copy a file to a different folder using your OS file handler, you will not be able to open the copy while the original is open in your workspace. This is because the copied file still has the same unique identifier (UID), even if you renamed the file itself while copying it.

The fix is to use open the existing file in Goalscape Desktop, then use File > Save As to rename it or create a copy in a different folder (rather than using the OS file handler).

Goalscape Desktop: Autosave
The Autosave function in Goalscape Desktop automatically saves all open goalscapes every 2 minutes by default (after you first save a new one or open an existing one). So if you do not wish to overwrite an existing file, you will need to Save it with a different filename when you first open it.

You can set the Autosave interval (or disable it) on each project by using the options in the Settings window (click the 'cog' icon at top right of the screen).

Minimum importance = 1%
You cannot increase the importance of a goal so much that it 'crushes' the importance of any of its neighbors to less than 1%. When one in a set of three or more neighbors has this minimum importance, Goalscape appears to 'jam': you cannot increase the importance of any of its neighbors. You can continue to add more neighbors, but you cannot then increase their importance.

This is not an error, rather it is a logical result of the need to maintain the ratio between the smallest neighbor and any others. When this hits 1%, the smallest cannot be any smaller; and to maintain the correct ratio, none of its neighbors can reduce either. So at this point there is simply no room to make the selected goal any bigger! If you need to increase its importance any further you can remove this constraint by locking or increasing the importance of its smallest neighbor(s).

Sharing Goalscape Desktop (.gsp) files with attachments
Attachments in Goalscape Desktop are implemented as links to the files' locations on your hard drive, not by copying a snapshot of the file into the Goalscape project. So if you copy a .gsp file to another machine over a network, or by using a USB memory stick or other external device, or by emailing it, the attachments will not be included.

In the meantime if you need to share attached documents you can upload them to Google Docs (or other third party filesharing facility) and include a hyperlink to the uploaded file in the goal Notes field of your Goalscape Desktop projects.

If you are sharing your projects you should though be using Goalscape Online! In the online application you can simply upload a .gsp file from Goalscape Desktop with all its attachments, then invite others to join the project using the Share button. When you enter a new user's email address in the Share window, that person will be given a Goalscape Free account. They will receive an invitation email with their Goalscape username and a link to your project, where they can set their own password and sign in to Goalscape Online completely free of charge.

Required Information
When you raise any support questions or problems, or suggest a new feature, please confirm whether you are referring to Goalscape Desktop or Goalscape Online (or both). For technical issues we will also need to know:

  • The make and model of your device
  • Your Operating System (and version)
  • Your browser (and version)
  • How you connect to the Internet (direct Ethernet/Wi-Fi or via a LAN)
  • Screenshots are always useful – especially if there are any error messages
  • If an error message has a 'Details' button please click it and C&P the full text in your post (click anywhere in the text field and press Ctrl + A to select all, then Ctrl + C to copy).

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