Legacy (pre-2022) Online, Desktop and Mobile apps

This page is about the Legacy (pre-2022) Goalscape Online and Goalscape Desktop apps. The legacy Goalscape Mobile app is no longer supported.

For information about the Goalscape Web Application, please see Goalscape Web Application – Current and Future Features.

Download the Legacy Goalscape Online app (for Windows and Mac computers) here.

Existing licensees can download the Legacy Goalscape Desktop app (for Windows and Mac computers) here.

The Legacy Goalscape Mobile app is no longer available to download. You can use the web app on mobile devices; it is however not yet optimized for smaller screens, so not all the touchscreen functionality will work as expected on all devices (we are working on this).

This page shows the issues that we know about and consider important in these legacy Online and Desktop apps. Please note that although we will continue to support these apps and make downloads available, we may not fix all the outstanding issues.

If you have a question or problem that is not covered in the online Help or mentioned here, please start a new discussion on the Customer Forum. We will need details of which app you are using (Online or Desktop) and your Operating System and version. If you are seeing any Error messages please describe them and if there is a 'Details' button please click it and C&P the full text into your message. Screenshots are also very useful.

Goalscape Online app no longer connects to server ('Problem with client version' message)
Please Uninstall your previous version of the app and remove its shortcut from the Taskbar or Dock, then install the latest version from here: connect.goalscape.com.

Goalscape Desktop Activation error
If you are certain you are using the correct credentials, the most likely reason for an activation error is that you are trying to reactivate an old version of Goalscape Desktop. So please first uninstall that application and remove its shortcut from the Taskbar or Dock, then download the latest Goalscape Desktop app here (the Desktop installers are in the lower part of that page). If the activation still fails on the latest version, just start a new Private discussion here and include your Goalscape username (registered email address).

On a Mac, typing 'e' brings up emoji menu
We have issued a fix for this, so if you are still seeing it please update your Legacy app (Online or Desktop) using the relevant link above. Please note that this was not a bug in Goalscape itself, rather it was in the Harman AIR framework and it affected all Mac applications that use that framework.

Blank screen in Goalscape app
If the Goalscape Online (or Goalscape Desktop) screen ever appears blank (with no projects visible), please restart the app.

If you see the 'blank screen' issue on first installing Goalscape Online (and it is not resolved by restarting the app), the most likely cause is an overactive Firewall preventing the Goalscape Online app from accessing the internet (we have heard of instances of this in Windows LAN environments). You (or your IT Support people) should be able to update the Settings in your Firewall to allow server communications via Goalscape Online.

Old links to Goalscape Online projects do not work
This is because Goalscape Online is no longer a web application (accessed via the browser).

The Goalscape web app is a fully cross-platform app, running in the browser, and supports links.

In the meantime you can still share Online projects with others and give them Edit or View access: new users will need to download the app (as well as setting their own password). When they sign in using the app, they will see the shared project in their workspace.

Goalscape Desktop requires Activation and previously-open projects do not appear
The new version of Goalscape Desktop (2.10+) is a new app, so it requires a fresh install. This means that you will need to accept the EULA and Activate it, even if you already have the old Goalscape Desktop (AIR) application activated on that machine.

You will still be able to open any existing Desktop projects (.gsp files) from their location on your hard drive.

Infopoint videos do not play
You can watch the full Tutorial video. We have identified the error that is affecting Infopoints and will issue a fix soon.

Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Online apps 'hang' after being asleep
If you are working in another application or your computer enters sleep mode, on waking up you may see a 'service request timeout' or 'server connection problem' message. The fix is to Exit/Quit and restart the app. We are aware of the cause of this issue and are working on a simple 'reload' option.

Upload MindManager MMAP fails (hangs with no error message) in Goalscape Online
We are aware of an issue that is affecting the Upload > MindManager MMAP function and are working on a fix. In the meantime we can do the conversion for you: please send your MMAP file to support@goalscape.com (if it contains confidential information we can sign any NDA you may require).

Purchased Unlimited subscription but Goalscape Online still shows "Goalscape Free"
Simply sign out of Goalscape Online and sign back in again. Goalscape Online sign-ins are persistent across user sessions; and user account status information is only updated at the start of each session.

Exported PDF does not appear correctly
In some Windows environments there is an issue with PDF reports where one or more margins is displaced. Instead, Export As/Download As DOCX, open the document in Word (or any other WP application) and Save As PDF.

Change password
To change your password, sign in to Goalscape Online, click the 'cog' button at top right of the screen to open the Settings window, then click the 'Change password' button.

Lost password
If you have lost your password you can reset it by entering your username (registered email address) here (that link is also on the Goalscape Desktop welcome screen and the Goalscape Online sign-in screen).

Foreign language character sets
Some Cyrillic, Polish, Japanese and Korean characters may not appear correctly in some exported PDF and DOCX reports.

Import/Upload of XML NOT from MS Project
Users of other Project Management tools such as Omniplan may find that Import/Upload of XML files generated by those other tools does not work properly.

Goalscape Desktop: problems opening files copied using OS file handler
If you copy a file to a different folder using your OS file handler, you will not be able to open the copy while the original is open in your workspace. This is because the copied file still has the same unique identifier (UID), even if you renamed the file itself while copying it.

The fix is to use open the original file in Goalscape Desktop, then use File > Save As to rename it or create a copy in a different folder (rather than using the OS file handler).

Goalscape Desktop: Autosave
The Autosave function in Goalscape Desktop automatically saves all open goalscapes every 2 minutes by default (after you first save a new one or open an existing one). So if you do not wish to overwrite an existing file, you will need to Save it with a different filename when you first open it.

You can set the Autosave interval (or disable it) on each project by using the options in the Settings window (click the 'cog' icon at top right of the screen).

Minimum importance = 1%
You cannot increase the importance of a goal so much that it 'crushes' the importance of any of its neighbors to less than 1%. When all but one of a set of neighbors has this minimum importance, Goalscape might appears to 'jam' if you try to increase the importance of any of its neighbors. You can decrease a neighbor's importance and add more neighbors, but you cannot increase their importance.

This is not an error, rather it is a logical result of the need to maintain the ratio between the smallest neighbor and any others. When this hits 1%, the smallest cannot be any smaller; and to maintain the correct ratio, none of its neighbors can be any smaller either. So at this point there is simply no room to make the selected goal any bigger! If you need to increase a goal's importance you can remove this constraint by locking or increasing the importance of any neighbor that has 1% importance.

Sharing Goalscape Desktop (.gsp) files with attachments
Attachments in Goalscape Desktop are implemented as links to the files' locations on your hard drive, not by copying a snapshot of the file into the Goalscape project. So if you copy a .gsp file to another machine over a network, or by using a USB memory stick or other external device, or by emailing it, the attachments will not be included.

You can always upload your attachments to Google Docs (or other third party filesharing facility) instead, and include a hyperlink to the uploaded file in the goal Notes field of your Goalscape Desktop projects.

Note though that if you are sharing your Goalscape projects you should be using the Goalscape Web App! In the web app, with a subscription you can simply upload a .gsp file, then invite others to join the project using the Share button. When you enter a new user's email address in the Share window, that person will be given a Goalscape Free account: they will receive an invitation email with a link to download Goalscape Online, where they can Register as a Free user and sign in. When the app starts, the project you shared with them will appear on their workspace. You can even give Free users Edit access to your projects (1 per Free user) completely free of charge.

Required Information
When you raise any support questions or problems, or suggest a new feature, please confirm whether you are referring to Goalscape Desktop or Goalscape Online (or both). For technical issues we will also need:

  • A description of the problem (what you are trying to do and what is happening)
  • The make and model of your device
  • Your Operating System (and version)
  • For Goalscape Desktop issues, the version of the Desktop app installed (you can see this information if you run your cursor over the 'Goalscape' logo at top left of the screen)
  • For Goalscape Online issues, how you connect to the Internet (direct Ethernet/WiFi or via a LAN)
  • Screenshots are always useful – especially if there are any error messages
  • If an error message has a 'Details' button please click it and C&P the full text in your post (click anywhere in the text field and press Ctrl + A to select all, then Ctrl + C to copy)

You can also run your app in Debug Mode (selectable in the Application menu), then send us the logging files (details of their location in each OS are in Technical details). Note that Debug involves additional processing and will result in slower project loading and redrawing, so before you select Debug mode we recommend you Close all but 1 or 2 projects (you can always reopen them later from the User Projects List under the Home tab).

Cancelling subscriptions
Goalscape Online Unlimited subscriptions are based on recurring billing agreements and renew automatically as long as the registered Payment Method remains valid. If a credit or debit card or PayPal billing agreement expires during a subscription period we will send email notifications well in advance of the renewal date.

Customers can cancel their subscriptions any time from the Goalscape Online app itself: click the 'Manage account' button in Preferences to access the portal (that link is also in the footer of every page of our website). On your customer account page, scroll down and click 'Cancel'. Cancellation takes effect on the next renewal date.

Goalscape Desktop licenses are valid for ever and include a free 'Web Bonus' Goalscape Online Unlimited 6-month subscription. Because Goalscape Desktop is sold under a one-time payment, this free Online Unlimited subscription does not renew automatically. We send email notifications about impending Web Bonus expiries, so customers who wish to maintain their Unlimited use of Goalscape Online can purchase a new (recurring) subscription, with no interruption to service.

Deleting accounts
If you wish us to delete your user account completely please post a new Private discussion here or email support@goalscape.com, specifying the username (email address) under which your account is registered. When we delete your account all your projects will also be deleted – for you and for anyone with whom you shared them: project deletion is permanent and not undoable. You can re-register any time, using the same or a different email address.

Please also confirm whether you wish to Unsubscribe from our mailing list (you can of course Unsubscribe without deleting your Goalscape user account: simply click the 'Unsubscribe' link at the foot of any of our Newsletters).