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C Perkins

05 Jun, 2016 03:50 AM

I've done my best to find answers by searching and reading many discussions, but still have questions. The software and concept of Goalscape look great and I would love to invest especially in the Desktop version, but also the online version. However it seems that many statements and promises about improvements were made years ago, some as far back as 2011 that I read.

1. I understand that the $60 license is for a lifetime license, but not free updates. I also understand that Desktop updates can be obtained by re-subscribing to the unlimited plan for just one month (if not already an unlimited subscriber) as a sort of "maintenance fee". I also read somewhere that Goalscape was working on changing the installation requirements to avoid dependency on Adobe AIR, etc. So, even though the license is a "lifetime" license, with the current installation procedure, this promise of "lifetime" use seems almost meaningless because in the course of OS updates, updates to new hardware, possible crashes, etc., it is highly unlikely that such an installation will be available for a reinstall without paying some sort of fee for the original purchased version. This kind of license had meaning in the past when an application was simply a stand-alone executable installation, completely independent of online access. This installation simplicity doesn't seem true of Goalscape Desktop. So my question is whether development is any closer to providing a truly independent download and installation of a single licensed version which would be install-able and run-able in the future with an online connection?

2. A timeline view is critical for effectively managing and achieving goals. I love the default Goalscape interface and view, but it is just not sufficient to justify the cost or investment of effort setting everything up without even a basic timeline view. Even better would be some sort of integration with other online tools, e.g. Google Calendar, but perhaps not critical if you at least had a basic timeline. Apparently there were plans as early as 2011 to add a timeline view, but from what I can see it is still not available. What is the status of that? Do you have release plan and/or deadline for a timeline view?

Lastly, I appreciate the detailed responses to other peoples' questions and I found many answers, but this is rather slow, tedious way to find out details when an updated FAQ page with simplified language would be more useful (and more effective from a sales perspective). I about ran away before considering any purchase, but I stuck with it because Goalscape has a lot of potential and I love the circle graphs.

Thanks for answering.

  1. 1 Posted by C Perkins on 05 Jun, 2016 04:00 AM

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    Oops, I meant "withOUT an online connection" for the re-installation of the Desktop versions.

  2. Support Staff 2 Posted by Richard Parslow on 05 Jun, 2016 10:54 AM

    Richard Parslow's Avatar

    Hello CP

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    1. Goalscape Desktop license

      Goalscape Desktop uses Adobe AIR to handle installation and license activation; and license activation (for license holders) requires an Internet connection. Once activated, the standalone software is available permanently on that machine with full functionality, whether or not there is an Internet connection during use.

      Since November 29, 2015, Goalscape Desktop licenses allow activation on one machine at a time for ever. Upgrades are provided for all licensees with a valid Goalscape Online Unlimited subscription. Licensees who do not maintain a valid Unlimited subscription can purchase monthly subscriptions to obtain updates. Those who do not wish to update can continue to use their existing version, reinstalling it (in the event of hardware crashes, etc) and transferring it to new machines as required.

      We are indeed working on a captive runtime version of Goalscape Desktop that will make the installation independent of the local AIR environment.

      We use agile development to maintain flexibility as priorities change. Although we may confirm that certain new features or changes are in our development plans, we do not indicate when these may be released until we are actually testing them. On that basis I can say that we are currently testing a long-awaited update to the Goalscape UI. Watch out for announcements – you can Like our Facebook page and Follow us on Twitter for sneak previews...

    2. Timeline view

      Part of the reason we developed Goalscape was to allow people to see beyond the linear timeline view with a visual format that clearly shows the key factors in project success: priorities and progress. The circular display reinforces the fact that resources are limited (especially time): whatever you spend in one area cannot be spent elsewhere. This is much more useful in strategic planning and providing a focus on what needs to be done next.

      We realise that some people and organizations like to see a timeline and I confirm that we have already implemented Gantt View in our corporate product Goalscape Enterprise (see the relevant blog article). This is available as a SaaS private cloud application or as a corporate intranet installation. As well as the highest possible data security, Goalscape Enterprise includes additional business features like Change Tracker, per-goal sharing and other Admin controls (as well as Gantt View).

      If you would like to know more about Goalscape Enterprise please indicate the version you require and the likely number of users in your organization.

      We are also considering implementing these additional business features in a new premium product.

    3. FAQ

      There is a Known Issues page that contains answers to the most common issues reported here. Most other information is easy to find on our website.

      If you believe that there are questions that are not covered on the website, Known Issues, or in Public discussions on this forum please post a list here and we will ensure the answers are easily accessible!

    Thanks again for taking the time to post here.

    Enjoy the journey!


  3. 3 Posted by C Perkins on 06 Jun, 2016 03:32 PM

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    1. A captive runtime version would satisfy my concern, so I hope it's coming soon. Regarding re-installation, does this mean that even after new versions have been released that previous versions (purchased version) are available from the website? Or, only the latest version is available for download? That's my real concern for purchasing the desktop version.

    2. Definitely, Goalscape's current presentation is what makes it unique, enjoyable and potentially extremely useful. A timeline view should definitely not take away from all the positives you described. Recognizing limited resources and learning to plan most effectively are unarguably good skills to master. If Goalspace helps in that regards, wonderful. On the other hand, even after creating a couple rather simple graphs, I already recognize a limitation of not being able to see how sub-goals for different roles will overlap in time. Precisely as you pointed out--that resources are limited--it's difficult to discover with just the circle graph how the time constraints for the sub-goals overlap and possibly interfere. I also don't have an effective way using Goalscape on a *daily basis* without constantly clicking on every single goal and reviewing due dates. That could turn into a waste of time and easy to forget or skip reviewing some sub-goals. If you have a suggestion of how to better use the current version to schedule tasks, I would appreciate some hints.

    A premium version with extended features would be super! I add my vote and even urge you to do it not just as a possibility, instead realize that even individuals and small groups need this functionality to augment Goalscape's original design, helping us better achieve our "goals" as your name says.

    Thanks again for your answers and for the nice product.

  4. Support Staff 4 Posted by Richard Parslow on 06 Jun, 2016 06:00 PM

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    Hello CP

    1. Yes: we will have an archive of previous versions.

    2. You can use the Highlight sidebar to find all your current goals (starting before today) – or all the goals starting in any other time period. For the sort of task management functionality you describe, you can use tags like !Now and !Next – and you can make selections by both date and tag to find those that satisfy both criteria.

      'Due dates' can often be very arbitrary, so using them as a guide to what you need to do 'right now' is not as effective as focusing on those with high importance and low progress.

      Having narrowed your search in these ways you can select between a smaller number of candidate goals according to due date, if you so wish.

    Enjoy the journey!


  5. 5 Posted by C Perkins on 06 Jun, 2016 06:41 PM

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    Wonderful! I failed to recognize the usefulness of the Highlight sidebar. This is sufficient for now to make Goalscape more useful in calendaring. I'll still look forward to the other improvements you mentioned, hopefully not in the too distant future. In the mean time, I'll probably take the chance and get the Desktop version.

  6. Support Staff 6 Posted by Richard Parslow on 06 Jun, 2016 08:53 PM

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    Splendid! There is a short video about using the Highlight sidebar here.

    Enjoy the journey


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