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29 Oct, 2018 11:24 PM

Hi, I just started to try out the desktop version. So far very nice. I noticed that defining and brainstorming goals goes very smoothly.
For starters, I have 2 questions.
 First, I am playing with the tag feature but a bit confused. For example, I defined a tag named "This Week". I would like to tag a goal and all of it's sub-goals and tasks with the same "This Week" tag. However, I am not able to select and tag them all at once. Instead, I need to tag each individual leaf one by one. Am I missing something?

Second, I am a veteran FranklinCovey system user -- the famous Mission-Values-Roles-Goals-Tasks method of life and time management. How can I use Goalscape as my weekly and daily planning tool - specifically for the execution phase much Iike I use the Prioritized Daily Task List (A-B-C method).


Ariel Malamud

  1. 1 Posted by ariel.malamud on 29 Oct, 2018 11:45 PM

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    I do have one more question, so I'll piggy back on this discussion if that's ok. The start of my week (I'm in Israel) is Sunday. I found a discussion that was closed which had this same question last year I believe. Is there any way today to set the 1st day of week as Sunday? Thanks again, Ariel.

  2. Support Staff 2 Posted by Richard Parslow on 30 Oct, 2018 10:51 AM

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    Hello Ariel

    Thanks for your inquiry.

    1. Goalscape displays the attributes of the selected goal in the panel on the right of the screen, so selecting multiple goals would require fundamental changes to the UI.

      Logically, applying a Tag (or assigning Responsibility) on a goal implies that that Tag (or Responsibility) also applies to its subgoals. We realise though that this implication is not reflected when using the filters in the Highlight Sidebar (and generating Goal Lists for matching goals). Our proposed solution for this is to include an 'Apply to subgoals' option for Tag and Responsible.

    2. You can use the goal Level to indicate your goals' categories: setting the Mission (or Vision) at the centre (using a Custom Notes tab for Values) and Goals for different business areas at successive levels, with the Tasks at the bottom level (where you enter your Progress). If people's Roles are not set strictly according to organizational area (ie according to Level 1 subgoal), you can use the Responsibility attribute to assign goals in different areas to people.

      As far as execution is concerned, you may be interested in Marcus Baur's article about using Goalscape to implement OKR: Set Goals Like Googlers Do. As well as setting Due Dates for goals and tasks you can use Tags like !Now and !Next to prioritize them: then you can use relevant selections in the Highlight Sidebar to find your weekly and daily tasks (by date and priority). Note too that Goalscape's smart search function identifies goals that contain the entered string in a Tag as well as in the name and any Notes.

    3. We may indeed include an option in the Dates calendar to make the first day Sunday rather than Monday.

    Enjoy the journey!


  3. 3 Posted by ariel.malamud on 01 Nov, 2018 11:24 PM

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    Hi Richard,

    Wow. Thanks for the detailed response. I must say that after only a few
    days trying it out, I'm really feeling the focus power of Goalscape, Its
    effect is subtle but surprisingly powerful. I've been trying out other
    flat (2D) goal and time planning systems, but your Goalscape gives a real
    nice multi-dimension aspect that others simply don't portray. The sphere
    model keeps goals naturally organized without having to rearrange them all
    the time.
    Incidentally, for years I had been looking for an old discontinued app
    called LifeBalance for the Palm, Mac and Windows. It's premise and basis
    was unique in that it made you assign "Importance" and "Effort" and
    "Location" for each task. Then, through a progressing task list, it would
    inject non-urgent but important tasks into your task list. The nice part
    was the circular graph with colored pie slices showing your progress in
    maintaining life balance. Goalscape seems by far to be the closest thing to
    the LifeBalace program I once used.

    As far as your answers below, I believe that the "apply to subgoals "option
    will be very useful. I will try out the OKR method too. As far as
    incorporating Vision and Mission, I'll try out your suggestions and play
    around with it some more.

    Best regards,


  4. Support Staff 4 Posted by Richard Parslow on 02 Nov, 2018 08:38 AM

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    No worries – glad to help! If you need anything else just post again.



  5. 5 Posted by ariel.malamud on 04 Nov, 2018 08:54 AM

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    Thanks Richard,

    Quick question. I like the desktop solution since I'm not always online.
    Can I purchase 2 licenses for desktop using the same email account ?- I'd
    rather not have to create a new gmail account just for this. I intend to
    share my gsp file via Google Drive. I just tried it and it works great
    across my 2 laptops.

    Thanks again


  6. Support Staff 6 Posted by Richard Parslow on 04 Nov, 2018 09:57 AM

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    Hello Ariel

    The Goalscape Desktop license allows you to install and activate the standalone desktop software on one machine at a time for ever.

    Goalscape accounts are uniquely identified by email address as username; and each account can have only 1 Goalscape Desktop license. So if you wish to purchase a second Desktop license to activate the installation on another machine permanently, you will need to do so using a different email address.

    To allow license holders to transfer their license when they upgrade their equipment, they can simply download Goalscape Desktop on the new machine and Activate it: doing so automatically de-Activates the previous installation.

    So it follows that with a single Desktop license you could use Goalscape Desktop on both your laptops; you would though need to (re)Activate the installation every time you switch machines. You would also need to ensure that you save your projects to Dropbox every time; and ensure that you pick up the latest version when you use a different machine.

    It was to provide a solution to the above issues that we developed the web application Goalscape Online. In Online (as long as you have an internet connection) you can sign in to access and update all your projects on any computer anywhere in the world – and always see the latest versions of all your projects. There is more information in the attached pdf.

    Note that when you do not have an internet connection you can access your Online projects using the free Goalscape Mobile app (for all Android and iOS phones and tablets). The Mobile app syncs with your Online projects to deliver daily goals and tasks to your mobile device. Or you can set up your phone as a Mobile WiFi Hotspot and use that to connect your laptop to the internet.



  7. 7 Posted by ariel.malamud on 08 Nov, 2018 11:48 PM

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    This comment was split into a new private discussion: Issue with Goal List Tree View

    Thank you Richard. I have now tried out desktop version extensively and the
    online version briefly. It's really useful. After creating a daily plan, I
    do copy/paste into a task list (mindmap or just print) so that I can
    execute properly. So I plan to buy the desktop version (2 licenses) to
    continue having offline access, although you have made them both desktop
    and online versions very seamless.

    I have found that the most powerful feature for me is the matching goal
    list. After creating and populating my "Life Balance" project, I created 3
    basic labels for goals setting and task planning and tracking -- Lifetime,
    InFocus, ThisWeek allowing me to quickly get a view of my long-term and
    short-term focus areas and specific weekly plans. However, I ran into an
    apparent bug which is limiting the usefulness of the matching goal list

    The first issue is that the Tree View of a matching goal list does not
    refresh properly and quickly goes off sync with the real filter and also
    goal placement.

    For example, when I initially bring up the Goal List without any label or
    date filter, I get the whole list. With the list still showing, I begin to
    filter on "Scheduled for Today" -- works ok. Then I switch over to the
    "This Week" label view, works ok. However, after a few more iterations of
    label and today filters suddenly the goal list tree view goes empty even
    though the Table View look fine. Hiding and re-displaying the goal list
    didn't help. I found one way to recover by clicking on the "Scheduled
    Before" filter which suddenly refreshes the tree view properly. Another
    workaround is to close and reopen the project.

    A second refresh issue happens when i edit a sub-goal with a different
    label or move a sub-goal to a different location or add a new label to an
    existing goal. Again, the Tree View shows the old list while the table view
    shows the new one.

    Best regards

    Here are a few screenshots.
    1. Empty Tree View (should not be.. and previously was populated)
    [image: image.png]

    Corresponding Table view:
    [image: image.png]

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