Migrating goalscapes (GSP files) to the new web application

All current Goalscapers can use the new web application by logging in here. And there is an Upload feature that makes it easy to migrate existing goalscapes (GSP files) created in Goalscape Online or Goalscape Desktop to the new web application.

Here is a quick video that describes how to migrate your Goalscape projects to the new web app:


  1. In Goalscape Online, select the project you want, click the 'down from the cloud' Download GSP button at the top of the screen and Save the .gsp file somewhere on your hard drive.


    Note that you may need to enforce the '.gsp' filename extension when you Save the file – your OS may try to change this to '.txt' or '.xml', or even drop it completely!

  2. Login to the web application and select the Home screen.

  3. Click the 'up into the cloud' Import goalscape button at the top of the screen and select the GSP file from your hard drive.


  4. The uploaded goalscape will open: you can update it and share it with anyone you like.


  • Any files attached to goals will not be uploaded.

    You can embed images and videos in the Notes; for any other files, upload them to a third-party filesharing facility and use a hyperlink to the file's location in the relevant Goal Notes or Comments.

  • There is no sync between the products: changes made in the uploaded goalscape using the web app will not be reflected in the version in Online (and vice versa).

If you have any trouble just start a new discussion (make it Private if you wish) – we'll help you fast!