Requirements for Goalscape CSV Import Source File

The requirements for the format and data in the source CSV file to be imported into Goalscape are:

  • Minimum 2 columns, with the following headers:

    • "Main" - or any locale translation equivalent for main goal column
    • "L1" ... "Ln" (referring to subgoal level)

    Data in these columns will be the goal names in the Goalscape project.

  • Minimum 3 rows:

    • Row 1 must be headers using the terms in your locale (language selected in Goalscape settings)
    • Row 2 must contain the details for the Main Goal
    • Row 3 (and any subsequent rows) must contain details for the subgoals (minimum 1 subgoal)

    CSV import uses row order to create the goal hierarchy (subgoal relationships), so the row order in the source CSV file must correctly reflect the project structure: specifically, successive rows cannot 'skip' subgoal levels (for example, they cannot jump straight from L1 to L3)

If there are any additional columns for the other attribute information supported by Goalscape, their headers must refer to the relevant fields in the goal panel: Importance, Progress, Dates, Notes, etc (or local language equivalents).

Columns can be in any order.

Data in those columns must be in the appropriate format and must follow the relevant Goalscape rules.

  • If present, entries in the Importance column must be number values (1 - 100) and must comply with the Goalscape rules:

    • Main Goal Importance = 100
    • Importances of a set of Neighbors (subgoals of the same parent) sum to 100

    If the Importance column is not present (or is empty), Neighbors will be given equal Importance.

  • If present, entries in the Progress column must be number values (0 - 100) and must comply with the Goalscape rule:

    • Progress in a parent is the aggregate of (Importance x Progress) of all its subgoals

    If the Progress column is not present (or is empty), all goals will be given 0% Progress.

    In the event of any conflicts, the Progress entered for the bottom-level goals will determine the Progress assigned to their parents and higher-level ancestors.

  • If present, Dates must be in the relevant format for the chosen locale (mm.dd.yyyy for USA; for the rest of the world). and must comply with Goalscape's rules:

    • Start Date must be before Due Date
    • Subgoal time periods must lie within the time period of their parent goal

If any of these conditions is not met, you will see an Error or Warning message with details about the likely problem with the source CSV file.