Goalscape – Current and Future Features

This page is about the Goalscape Web Application accessed here: https://goalscape.app. For information about the legacy Online and Desktop apps please see this page.

If you are new to Goalscape you can Register for a Free Trial.

If you already have an account for the legacy apps (Online or Desktop) you can login with your existing credentials (if you but cannot remember your password on your first visit, please use the old Password Reset page).

To transfer any goalscapes you created in the legacy versions, use the 'up into the cloud' button at the top of the Home screen (see the video + instructions in our Migrating goalscapes blogpost).

You can share your goalscapes with anyone you like, giving them Administrator, Editor or Viewer access – and you can add multiple people at once. New users will have a Free Trial and email notifications will go to all invitees, including existing users. After a collaborator's Free Trial or paid subscription expires, they will still be able to View the shared goalscape(s).

Known Issues:

Please note that most issues with the display, or use of standard functions, can be resolved simply by refreshing the browser page.

  • Import goalscape function does not recognize goalscapes downloaded from Goalscape Online. This is due to an incorrect or missing filename extension. So please ensure the goalscape file you want to upload has the correct '.gsp' extension – you can do this in File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (macOS).

  • Cannot Paste Goal in Firefox (message: 'Access to clipboard denied - please update your browser Preferences'). Here are the steps to update the relevant settings in Firefox:

  1. In Firefox, enter 'about:config' in the address bar (you may need to click 'Accept the Risk and Continue')

  2. In the Search field, enter 'clipboard' (or just 'clip')

  3. Find the following 3 settings and change them to 'true':


  4. Refresh the browser page


  • Cannot Paste Goal in Safari (message: 'Access to clipboard denied – please update your browser Preferences.'). The relevant setting is unavailable: we have contacted Apple Support about this issue and are awaiting a response.

  • Slow response after working for a while: you can resolve this by refreshing the browser page. We are working on a fix for this. In general, since this is a web application, simply refreshing the browser page will resolve any anomalies or oddities in the display: it resets the connection and presents the latest version of your goalscape on the server, including any changes made by your collaborators.

  • On tablets and phones not all the touchscreen functions work exactly as expected:

    • Instead of the right-click context menu, use the Goal Edit menu at the top of the screen to Add or Paste Subgoals and Neighbors, and Cut, Copy and Delete the selected goal
    • Drag and drop is not yet supported; you can though move goals using Cut and Paste, and adjust their size using the Importance slider in the Panel.

    We are continuing to optimize the web app for smaller screens and phones.

  • Missing Share button – if you do not see the Share at top right of the screen (as shown below), please turn off your ad blocker and refresh the browser page.


  • Export Reports – you can Download your goalscapes as xlsx or csv reports, and export the Goal Map image as a png (with or without background). We are working on exports in other formats.

    Remember though that (as well as losing the holistic overview), any download is only a static view of your challenge at a point in time. So to share all the information in it in a more dynamic way (so everyone sees the latest version), you can just share the goalscape itself!

  • To embed images and videos in the Notes field, click the 'image' or 'video' button at the foot of the field and paste the URL of any image or video.

  • Attachments (paste/drop images and other file formats) are pending. Note though that to read such attachments you would need to download them and open them in their native application. What's more they are only 'snapshots' of those files at a point in time, which means that attachments are an inappropriate way to reference 'live' documents (ie those that are continually updated, such as financial spreadsheets and draft documents).

    So a much better way to attach files to goals – especially live files – is to upload them to a filesharing facility like Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive, share them there with the relevant collaborators on your goalscape, then use hyperlinks in the Notes of the relevant goals to point to the those files.

    Using this method, anyone with access to the referenced file can open it direct from the link with a single click (instead of having to download it) – and they will always see the latest version: you don't need to upload a new Attachment every the file changes.

    It also adds an extra layer of security, since you do not need to give all your goalscape collaborators full (or any) access to the shared document (and vice versa).

  • Custom Notes tabs – coming later.

  • Localization (language selection): most browsers support locale settings that will automatically translate Goalscape; or you can use the browser's translate facility: right-click anywhere on the Goalscape screen except over the goal map and select the Translate option; or right-click in the Notes field and select Language settings.

  • Insert Logo (and other Preferences) – coming later.

  • Goal Marks (Red/Amber/Green 'traffic lights'): use one of the following methods to indicate 'state':

    • Goal Color – note that the RAG Goal Colors are the first three options in all the Color Themes.
    • Tags (eg 'Urgent!', 'Monitor', 'OK'), then filter your goals using the Focus sidebar. You can also see your selections in a Goal List, and export or print that list (for details see the video in Best Practice Tips).
    • Insert emojis at the start of goal names! This is our favorite solution: even better than goal marks.


  • Public goalscapes (view only) are pending.

  • Import other file formats (eg csv) – pending.

  • Themes and Goal Colors – we are working on a Day/Night theme choice and possibly a 'custom' theme option with full color palette for selecting goal colors.

  • Updating goal names is only possible in the panel header. The facility to rename the goals in the goal map itself is coming later.

  • Hotkey shortcuts and use of cursor arrow keys for navigation – coming later.


Please let us know what you think of the Goalscape web application! You can Chat in the software itself by clicking your initials at top right and selecting Support, or email support@goalscape.com. We are particularly interested to know which feature(s) you want to see included next – especially if you have used Online and there is something that you really miss in the new web application.

If you hit an issue that is not covered here, please let us know and we'll jump right on it. For any technical issues please include your Operating System and browser, and ideally screenshots (especially if you are seeing an error message).

Enjoy the journey... more than ever!