Known Issues: Goalscape 3.0 Beta

Goalscape 3.0 is a web application that our current Online Unlimited subscribers can access here: It runs in all major browsers on any desktop or laptop computer (full support for tablets and screen optimisation for phones are both pending).

Sign in with your Goalscape username and password. Note that because this is beta software, to eliminate the risk of any data loss in your existing live goalscapes, it starts with a new (blank) goalscape.

This page shows the issues that we know about and consider important. It comprises bugs, anomalies and descriptions of imminent enhancements. Please bear in mind that the initial Beta release is not intended to support all the existing functionality of Goalscape Online; and some terminology has been changed (eg 'goalscape' replaces 'project').

Since Goalscape 3.0 is a web application, simply refreshing the browser page will usually resolve any anomalies or oddities in the display. This loads the latest copy of your goalscape from the server and will include any changes made by your goalscape collaborators.

Known Issues:

  • Settings/Preferences – pending.

  • Comments and email notifications – pending.

  • Attachments – pending. Note though that you can now embed both images and videos in the Notes field; and for other file formats (pdf, xlsx, etc) you can upload your file to a filesharing facility like Dropbox or Google Drive, sharing them with the relevant goalscape collaborators, then use a hyperlink in Notes (which is anyway a far better way to share 'live' documents that are continually updated).

  • No language selection: English (US) only

  • If you do not see the Share button Screen_Shot_2021-08-13_at_12.03.01.png at the foot of the screen, please turn off your Ad Blocker.

  • Cannot edit Goal Names in the goal map (only in the panel header).

  • Public (view only) goalscapes – pending.

  • C&P goals between goalscapes – pending.

  • Goal Marks (Red/Amber/Green 'traffic lights') – coming later.

  • Alarm clocks on overdue goals – coming later.

  • Tags and Responsible Persons cannot be renamed globally (including default Tags and Persons in new goalscapes created) – coming later.

  • You can C&P goals within a goalscape using the right-click context menu options and move them by dragging them around the goal map; you cannot however copy them as you drag them – coming later

  • Export/Download goalscapes (gsp file), Reports (pdf, docx, xlsx, csv, etc) and Goal Map (bitmap or vector image) – pending.

  • Import other files formats (eg .csv) pending.

  • Search only finds text in goal names in the open goalscape.

  • Locking Importance may cause rendering errors when changing Importances of Neighbor goals. The goal's Locked state is however stored correctly on the server and the goal map will appear correctly if you refresh the browser page.

  • In Safari, the home icon may be slightly distorted and the font of the selected goal may appear a little blurry

  • Very fast consecutive actions can affect synchronization between the client and server – to fix any issues, simply refresh the browser page.

The standard browser View controls and Ctrl+ and Ctrl- hotkeys (and pinching on a tablet or phone) will resize the display: buttons, field labels, popup messages, Notes text, etc (everything except the goal names as displayed in the goal map). You can also use your browser's Full Screen Mode (if supported).


Please let us know what you think of Goalscape 3.0 Beta! Start a new discussion on the Customer Forum. We are particularly interested to know which feature(s) you want to see included next – especially if there is something that you rely on in the current Goalscape Online app, which you really miss in the new Goalscape 3.0.

If you hit an issue that is not covered here, please send a full description (what you are trying to do, what you did, and what happened), with the following details:

  • Make and model of your device

  • Operating System and version

  • Browser used

  • Description of any Error messages – and if there is a 'Details' button please click it and C&P the full text into your message

  • Screenshots (of the entire browser tab) are also very useful:

    • Windows: use the Snipping Tool (Windows + Shift + S) and either snip the whole screen or drag the cursor across the area to snip, then Paste the image into Paint, Save it as a png file and attach that to your message
    • Mac: use cmd + shift + 3 to capture an image of the whole screen, or cmd + shift + 4 to select the area to capture, then attach the image (saved as a png file to your Desktop by default) to your message.

Enjoy the journey... more than ever!