Known Issues: Goalscape 3.0 Beta

Goalscape Online 3.0 is a web application that Unlimited subscribers can access here: on any device: desktop or laptop computer, tablet or phone.

Sign in with your Goalscape username and password. Note that as this is beta software To eliminate the risk of any data loss in your existing Online projects in this beta software Goalscape 3.0 Beta starts with a new blank goalscape rather than showing your existing ones: this is .

This page shows the issues that we know about and consider important. It comprises bugs, anomalies and descriptions of imminent enhancements. Please bear in mind that the initial Beta release is not intended to support all the existing functionality of Goalscape Online; and some terminology has been changed (eg 'goalscape' replaces 'project').

If you have a question or problem that is not covered in the online Help ( or mentioned here, please start a new discussion on the Customer Forum. ( We will need details of:

  • Make and model of your device

  • Operating System and version

  • Browser used

  • Description of any Error messages – and if there is a 'Details' button please click it and C&P the full text into your message.

  • Screenshots are also very useful.

Known Issues:

  • No language selection: English (US) only

  • Add subgoal/Add Neighbor does not select newly-created goal and its Name field.

  • Must press Enter/Return to save goal name changes.

  • Cannot update goal names in the goal map.

  • Notes area does not size up properly (we will fix this and move the toolbar to the top of the Notes field).

  • No Goal Marks (RAG 'traffic lights')

  • Some popup controls in the Notes area are not styled properly.

  • Share Window has pending improvements (including scroll and update collaborator access).

  • No Public goalscapes

  • Goal Level setting (number of levels visible) is not preserved when changing Focus.

  • Tags and Responsible Persons cannot be renamed yet (including default Tags and Persons in new goalscapes created).

  • Users are signed out between sessions.

  • No Export/Download Reports or Goal Map Image

  • Cannot Import/Upload existing goalscapes (.gsp, .csv)

  • Border of selected goal is 'fuzzy'