Known Issues: Goalscape Desktop and Goalscape Connect

This page shows the issues that we know about and consider important. It comprises bugs, anomalies and descriptions of imminent enhancements: rest assured we are working hard to address them all.

If you have a question or problem that is not covered in the online help package or mentioned here, please post it on the Customer Forum, giving the version numbers for Goalscape (Desktop or Connect) and AIR, which you can find by running your cursor over the Goalscape logo at top left of the screen. We will also need details of your Operating System (and version) and your browser (and version). If you are seeing any Error messages please describe them and if there is a 'Show details' button please C&P the full text in your message. Screenshots are also very useful to us in diagnosing issues.

Change password and/or username (registered email address)
To change your email address (username) and/or password you can log in to your account on our customer database here using your existing credentials.

If you lose your password you can reset it by entering your registered email address here (that link is also on the Goalscape Desktop welcome screen and the Goalscape Connect sign-in screen).

Problems installing or updating Goalscape Desktop
Recent versions of Goalscape Desktop (since 2.7.3) are double-certificated, so installations and autoupdates should work fine. Problems installing the software are likely to be due to an issue with the local Adobe AIR environment, so the solution is:

  1. Uninstall Goalscape Desktop. This will not affect any of your existing goalscapes (.gsp files), stored in your Documents area.

  2. Uninstall Adobe AIR (on a Mac, rather than simply dragging its icon to Trash, run the special 'Adobe AIR Uninstaller' application – this is usually in Applications > Utilities).

  3. Go to our Download page and follow the steps to install the latest version of AIR, then download and run the GoalscapeDesktop.air installer file (you may need to enforce the '.air' suffix when you save this file, since some environments try to change it to '.zip'!).

  4. Double-click the installer file to run it and follow the instructions.

  5. When the application starts you will see all your last-open goalscapes and the Recent list will still be populated.

If the above does not work please post a new Discussion including details of your Operating System and version: we will give you instructions to clear your Registry for a full 'clean' reinstall.

We are working on a captive runtime version of Goalscape Desktop that will make the application independent of the local AIR environment – watch out for announcements.

Goalscape Desktop crashes (OS X 10.9 and below)
The fix for this is to update Adobe AIR to the latest version. When you start Goalscape Desktop under an old version of AIR you should see a message "AIR update available" (or similar) from Adobe itself, with 'Install now' and 'Install later' options. Quit and Restart Goalscape Desktop, then choose 'Install now' in the AIR dialog.

You can also download the latest Adobe AIR here:“.

Goalscape Connect does not work on Google Chrome
If you are using Chrome and you see a message "This site uses a plugin (Adobe Flash Player) that will soon be unsupported", the fix is to use the built-in version of FP, not the external plugin. The steps are

  1. Click Chrome > Preferences (will open in a new tab)
  2. In the new tab Select Settings and click Show advanced settings...
  3. Select Privacy > Content settings...
  4. In the popup window, scroll down to Plugins and click Manage individual plugins... (opens in a new tab)
  5. In the new tab scroll down to Adobe Flash Player: if you have an external plugin enabled, disable it.

There is more information about Adobe Flash Player on Chrome here:

Goalscape Connect does not work on MS IE 11
Microsoft has just issued an automatic update for Internet Explorer to version 11. This is causing problems for Goalscape Connect and many other applications – including some of Microsoft's own (see

Until Microsoft issues a fix, the workaround is to use Internet Explorer 11 in Compatibility mode. To do this, press F10 to display the menu bar, go to the Tools menu and click Compatibility View settings, then add the Goalscape Connect URL ( to the list of sites to be viewed in compatibility view.

Adobe AIR update requires re-activation of Goalscape Desktop
Some AIR updates may clear your Registry, in which case you will see the Welcome screen (with options to Try, Activate or Buy).

We have taken steps to address this, so you can simply go ahead and reactivate your Goalscape Desktop installation(s): this will not reduce your available activations.

Goalscape Desktop does not work on AIR on Mac OS X 10
If you see a message saying something like:
"GoalscapeDesktop comes from an unidentified developer. Your security preferences are set to block installation of applications from unidentified developers", this is due to Apple's new 'Gatekeeper', which is intended to protect against malicious applications from uncertified and pirated app stores.

We are in the process of registering Goalscape Desktop with the Mac App Store. In the meantime you need to go into the Security & Privacy panel ( > System Preferences... > Security & Privacy). You will see the following three options to restrict the launching of applications:

Allow applications downloaded from:

• Mac App Store
• Mac App Store and identified developers
• Anywhere

Select "Anywhere" and Save.

Goalscape Desktop: other installation issues
If you hit any problems installing Goalscape Desktop ('installer mis-configured' error or others) you can try the following steps:

  1. Exit Goalscape
  2. Uninstall Goalscape
  3. Uninstall AIR
  4. Reinstall AIR from here
  5. Install the Goalscape Desktop free trial software from here: download the GoalscapeDesktop.air file to your desktop and run it with a double-click.

Future updates will install seamlessly.

If problems persist please email, providing full details of your Operating System (and version), the browser (and version) you are using to download and the currently-installed versions of AIR and Goalscape Desktop (if applicable).

Username and password not received
If you register for the free trial of Goalscape Connect and subsequently purchase Goalscape Desktop using the same email address, you can use your existing Goalscape Connect username and password to activate your Goalscape Desktop installation. In these circumstances we will send you an email receipt for your payment but no duplicate registration confirmation email.

The same applies when you make multiple purchases of Goalscape Desktop using the same email address: the extra permissions are added to your original account so you can use the same credentials to activate your new installations.

If you have not previously registered your email address for a Goalscape Connect trial or a Goalscape Desktop purchase and you have received a payment receipt but still cannot find a registration confirmation email (from '') in your Inbox, please check your spam and junk mail filters. If it is not there you can try resetting your password (see above).

Installing Goalscape Desktop Updates
If you have missed earlier updates (especially the two-stage update to version 2.6 released in August 2011), you may have trouble installing the latest updates ('Download failed, Error 16824: Installer file damaged' message or similar). The fix is to uninstall your existing version of Goalscape Desktop (in Windows use Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs; in Mac OS X just drag its icon from Applications to Trash); then download a fresh version of the free trial from our website

If you still have problems please contact, giving your Operating System (and version) and your currently-installed versions of Goalscape and AIR (you can see both if you mouseover the 'Goalscape' logo at top left of the screen).

Far Eastern character sets
Certain Japanese and Korean characters may not appear correctly in some exported PDF and DOCX reports. We are urgently working on a fix for this.

Import/Upload of XML NOT from MS Project
Users of other Project Management tools such as Omniplan may find that Import/Upload of XML files generated by those other tools does not work properly. We are working on a fix for this.

Right-click context menu
The Goalscape right-click context menu applies changes to the goal that you right-click (which need not be the one currently selected). Please note that the last 3 items in the context menu (options 'Print...', 'Settings...', 'Global Settings...') are for Flash settings, not Goalscape options. (These are also the only ones you will see if you right-click anywhere on the screen except for on a goal in the goal map.)

Goalscape Connect issues
Most issues, including apparent freezes, are due to connection issues or the browser having problems with Flash. Simply refreshing the page may work; and if that does not work, close and restart the browser and try again.

For persistent problems on sign-in or in use, please email, providing: your Operating System (and version); your browser (and version); and how you connect to the Internet (direct Ethernet/WiFi or via a LAN). If it is via a LAN we will need to know details of any firewall or AV software being used.

Goalscape Desktop: copied files
If you copy a file to a different folder using your OS file handler, you will not be able to open the copy while the original is open in your workspace. This is because the copied file still has the same unique identifier (UID), even if you renamed it while copying it.

The fix is to use Save As to rename or move a file, rather than the OS file handler.

Goalscape Desktop: Autosave
The Autosave function in Goalscape Desktop automatically saves all open goalscapes every 2 minutes (after you first save a new one or open an existing one). So if you do not wish to overwrite an existing file you will need to save it with a different filename when you first open it.

You can set your own preferences as to how frequently Autosave operates using the Preferences window (click the 'wrench' icon at top right of the screen).

Minimum importance = 1%
You cannot increase the importance of a goal so much that it 'crushes' the importance of any of its neighbors to less than 1%. When one in a set of three or more neighbors has this minimum importance, Goalscape appears to 'jam': you cannot increase the importance of any of its neighbors. You can continue to add more neighbors, but you cannot then increase their importance.

This is not a bug but a logical result of the need to maintain the ratio between the smallest neighbor and any others. When it hits 1%, the smallest cannot be any smaller; and to maintain a constant ratio, none of its neighbors can reduce either. So at this point there is simply no room to make the selected goal any bigger! If you need to increase its importance any further you can lock or increase the importance of the smallest neighbor(s) (or delete them) to remove this constraint.

Goalscape Desktop: AIR Application prevents System Restart or Shutdown
If you attempt to shut down or restart your computer while Goalscape Desktop (or any other AIR application) is open, it will prevent you from doing so. You will need to Exit or Quit Goalscape and try again.

Sharing Goalscape Desktop files (.GSPs) with attachments
Right now there is no easy way to ensure that files attached to goals are included when emailing goalscapes (.gsp files) that you have created in Goalscape Desktop: you have to attach such files separately. We are working on a way to implement a full 'email-style' attachment function.

In the meantime if you need to share attached documents you can upload them to Google Docs (or other third party site) and include a Link to that site in the goal Notes field of your Goalscape Desktop projects.

If you need to share your projects you should really be using Goalscape Connect to do so. In Connect you can simply upload a goalscape from Desktop with all its attachments, then Share it individually with other Connect users, assigning them Admin, Edit or View access. Or you can make it 'public' and share it with anyone at all by sending them the web link (URL) then they will be able to View it (read only), even if they do not yet have a Goalscape Connect account.

Required Information
When you raise any support questions or problems, or suggest a new feature, please confirm whether you are referring to Goalscape Desktop or Goalscape Connect (or both).

For technical issues we will also need to know your Operating System (and version) and the version numbers of any existing Goalscape and AIR installations (you can find these by running your cursor over the Goalscape logo at top left of the screen). For download, activation and connection issues we will also need to know the browser you are using and how you connect to the Internet (direct ethernet/wi-fi or through a LAN).

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